Letter To Aninidita And Saurav Kumar From Gitasree

Gitasree Gogoi Apte, from Calgary, Canada, has not only extended financial support to our students in Assam, she has gone ahead and forged a relationship with them by making them a part of her life. She has written a very touching letter to the two students she has sponsored via AFNA. We would like our other donors to take it as a cue and extend your help from finance to all other spheres. Please interact with them via letters, emails (whenever possible), phone calls to guide and encourage them.

Do visit/meet them when you make a trip to Assam. Please contact AFNA to facilitate all your interactions with these kids. Here is the letter Gitasree has written to Aninidita and Saurav Kumar of Sipajhar donating the scholarship in memory of her father late Podmeshar Gogoi.

Late Podmeshar Gogoi. (1933 - 1992)