Support-A-Grandma : 

AFNA has kicked off a new initiative named "Support A Grandma" in partnership with Bhabada Devi Philanthropic Trust, Guwahati. This trust runs a facility in Guwahati that can provide home up to twenty boarders. This facility aptly named 'Seneh' (meaning selfless love) currently hosts 18 women, all aged 55years and older, who were abandoned by their near and dear ones.

The need:

The house and the complex where Seneh is running in Guwahati has been donated by Group Capt AC Barua and his family. Mr Baruah's family also bears a bulk of the operating cost of Seneh with additional donations. Seneh receives a good amount of material support from local citizens of Guwahati in form of food and clothing. As a whole Seneh is running well for its day to day operations.

Most of the boarders of Seneh are aged 60 years and above with history of illness. This has created a big deficit in Seneh's budget as there is a constant outflow of medical expense while taking care of the boarders. It is estimated that Seneh runs on an average of $500 in medical expense per month where it needs help from AFNA or other external sources.

The Program:

AFNA has a fund raising target of  $6000 a year to sponsor Support-A-Grandma program to compensate the medical expenses of the boarders ($300 per boarder). We welcome donation of any amount that can contribute towards this noble program. Our patrons can adopt one Grandma (boarder) of Seneh by contributing $300 a year or $50 a month.

Mothers' day kick off :

AFNA has always shown the solidarity and engaged in various philanthropic practices. Showing our gratitude to motherhood, the symbol of selfless and unconditional affection and on the eve of Mother’s Day 14 May 2017, AFNA has initiated a new commitment Support-A-Grandma with Seneh to compensate medical and healthcare expenses for destitute and ailing mother and grandmother.

Seneh in Brief :

Bhabada Devi Philanthropic Trust is working for the benefit of the under privileged and deprived section of the society especially women of North East India. The worst sufferers are the old and the infirm as in many cases their children are dumping them to fend for themselves out of economic compulsions. Women in the age group of fifty and above are the ones who suffer the most, because they are mentally and physically vulnerable. To alleviate their suffering and bring dignity and succor to some of these women, the Trust has opened a destitute home at Guwahati named Seneh.

Seneh Mission:

Seneh, meaning ‘Selfless Love’, the home provides shelter, food, medical care, clothing and all necessities for sustaining a decent dignified life. The vision is that in the sunset years of their lives, they can once again learn to laugh and sing and live together as a family ... all ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Observation of AFNA volunteer's recent visit to Seneh:

"The facility is nested in the foothills of Narakasur and is very neatly kept. Group Capt. AC Barua was very gracious in arranging a meeting at the Seneh facility at short notice, although he was out of town. I had a very informative meeting with Mr. Paresh Dev-Choudhury, Dr. N. Rabha, Mrs. Purabi Kakati, Mrs. Sangita Dutta and Ms. Bijoya who familiarized and gave me a tour of the facility. The care that has been taken to keep the facility in good shape was very evident. The facility has a capacity of 20 and currently 18 ladies are resident. One of them is in a hospital undergoing medical care. The ladies cook their own food and engage is various hobbies of their choice e.g. knitting, stitching, sewing, painting, poetry writing and other creative activities. I had the pleasure of being a part of a poetry recitation from one of the talented ladies. The hobby center had the collection of their creations. As I am told, the facility receives donations in kind from various sources, but the medical expenses of the elderly ladies are a major strain in their budget. Even under those constraints, it appeared to me that the Seneh management has done an excellent job in creating a very homely atmosphere which is undoubtedly very beneficial to the distressed ladies. It was a humbling experience to be in the midst of such a facility and my hats off to the Trust management for such yeoman service." -- Sarfaraz Taher (Volunteer, visited 2017, April)

"The place is beautiful and Serene.  It is a well-kept place.  Looks like everyone was working in harmony. Couple of residents were drying clothes outside, Jharna was cooking for everyone in the kitchen with her two helpers, Geeta was weaving in the Tatsal, and Sarala was singing with her harmonium. Mr Atul Barua, Dr N C Rava and Mr. Paresh Devchoudhury were waiting for me in the office. "  -- Ranju Sarma (Volunteer, visited 2016, Sep)



A skilled resident is weaving Taatsal


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Employer Matching

Many companies have matching gifts programs to match charitable donations by their employees to non-profit organizations. You can contact your company's benefits department to find out if your company has such a program. If it does, please submit a request to your employer to match your donation to AFNA. Such employer matching funds significantly expand the value of your valuable donation to AFNA. Thank you!