Summer Internship Assam (SIPA 2014) Completed!

The first four interns in the pilot this year, SIPA 2014, have graduated! We congratulate them on successfully completing their summer internship in CRD and NEHERBS! The SIPA 2014 project team comprising of AFNA volunteers and representatives from partner organizations, had a Skype call on May 31, 2014 with the students to award certificates and to discuss what the students got out of the experience.

Flood Resilience Assam (FRA)

AFNA is currently focused on supporting the immediate-term work to enable people in Assam to survive the floods by increasing the resilience of flood-impacted communities. This is needed until larger infrastructure changes are undertaken with full vigor to systematically reduce the flood levels in the Brahmaputra and other rivers in the region. Floods in these rivers are a regular annual event, and the level of destruction and loss of life that happen every year are huge. Examples of infrastructure changes that need to be taken to prevent such loss are more active erosion control and extensive dredging of river beds. In the meantime, AFNA continues to work with reputed NGO's in Assam who are doing the much needed grassroots work to help communities gain the necessary resilience to lead productive, healthy lives even with the annual floods.

Solar Light: Power To The People

In our own lives, we take modern lighting for granted for basics like children's education (study at night), healthcare, and safety. "Solar Light: Power To The People" is a new project from Assam Foundation of North America to bring a little bit of reliable lighting to poor people in a remote region in Assam. This is the the Garbhanga forest near Pamohi outside Guwahati. Garbhanga does not have electricity from the grid and is unlikely to do so in the near future. To make a dent on this problem, AFNA met the goal of raising $4000 from 50 unique donors within 2 months in 2012!