2014 AFNA Rongali Bihu Work-An-Hour Appeal

Dear AFNA Supporters,

I am writing to you to request your financial support to AFNA for our projects. Our budgeted amount this year is $30,000. But, we have been able to raise only 50% of that amount so far. We urgently need your help to raise the remaining $15,000 to continue our work.

Accordingly, in this Rongali Bihu season, AFNA is launching a Work-An-Hour campaign where we are appealing to all members of the Assamese community in North America to donate 1 hour worth of your income to AFNA and to our supporters world-wide to do the same directly to one of our projects in Assam.

Here's the math behind the Work-An-Hour concept. The median annual income of a US household is $51,000 currently. Assuming 8-hour workdays and 5 days of work/ week, this translates to a median income per hour of $25. Given that the Indian American community's median household income is higher than the national median (we are the wealthiest immigrant community), I think we are looking at donations greater than $25 per household through this Work-An-Hour campaign.

Many of you are already familiar with AFNA's work in Assam. You can learn more at this web-site where we describe 14 projects including the Support-A-Child K-12 scholarships and the new AKADAMICS college scholarships for underprivileged students. AFNA also tries to do its bit in North America, like supporting relief efforts in the disastrous landslide in Washington state recently with a $1,000 donation to the Red Cross, to supplement the relief supplies that Seattle area Assamese community members collected and delivered.

The AFNA Work-An-Hour appeal is particularly timely during Rongali Bihu. In Assam, there's a long tradition of sending money home (to the village) during Bihu and Tithis. That is how more affluent (salaried) brothers and sisters gave back to their families back home. With a symbolic Work-An-Hour donation to AFNA for our underprivileged brothers and sisters back home, we will all extend that wonderful tradition that strengthens our community here and in Assam during this Rongali Bihu season.

I appeal to all of you to make a 100% tax deductible donation to AFNA in this campaign. We have made similar appeals in local communities across North America.

Please make your checks payable to AFNA and you may mail them to the following address.

Pallav Saikia (AFNA)
2265 Valentano Drive,
Dublin, CA 94568

If you are in India, please make a donation directly to one our many deserving projects in Assam.

Thanks and best regards,
Satyajit Nath

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