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Assam Foundation of North America
Celebrating thirty years of volunteer-driven service, proudly supporting education and income-generation projects for underprivileged people in Assam and charitable work in the US
Please donate generously to help support AFNA’s many deserving projects
Dear <name>,

Greetings from Assam Foundation of North America (AFNA) where I volunteer. Here are some highlights of our projects this year:

  • Helped over 100 children stay in school, in various schools of Assam, by addressing financial hardship through our flagship SAC - Support-A-Child program
  • Helped over 35 disabled workers in Guwahati continue gainful employment at ANEC - Atma Nirbhar Ek Challenge
  • Helped SHED purchase land in Sonapur to start a unique new integrated school for disabled children and orphans this year, that is already serving 24 children

We are grateful to the numerous people who have helped us make these and our other projects successful.

This year, we added three new projects — AKADAMICS, SIPA, and ADI (full project list is on the right). Over 40 volunteers spread across North America work in small groups to ensure support for all our projects. Details are at The target for this drive is $30,000, the total current need of our projects for 2014.

Please make a generous donation to help achieve this target! If your employer has a matching gifts program, you can apply there to get your donation matched as well.

AFNA has no paid staff and this drive is zero-overhead — your donation and any employer matching funds will be sent in their entirety to supported projects.

Please act today. Together we can!


<your name>
Current Projects
  1. SAC: Support A Child - stipends for at-risk students to stay in school
  2. NEW AKADAMICS: College scholarships for students in Assam
  3. NEW SIPA: Summer internships for students in Assam (class 10 level)
  4. SLP: Solar Light Power to People
  5. FRA: Flood Relief in Assam
  6. NEW ADI: Rural schools in Kamrup
  7. ANEC: Atma Nirbhar Ek Challenge - Disabled workers, Guwahati
  8. Parijat Academy: K-10 School for underprivileged children, Pamohi
  9. Pragyalaya: K-10 School for underprivileged children, Titabor
  10. Rickshaw Bank: Well-designed rickshaws with loans all over India
  11. Sanjeevani: Disabled center, Tezpur
  12. SHED: Integrated school for disabled children and orphans, Sonapur
  13. Swabalambi: Support services for disabled people all over Assam
  14. Tapoban: Disabled and orphan residential school, Pathsala

Assam Foundation of North America, Inc. is registered under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code with Tax ID# 61-0994468. Donations to the foundation are tax-deductible in the U.S. to the full extent provided by law. Please consult your tax advisor for specific tax advice.


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Assam Foundation of North America


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