Summer Internship Assam (SIPA 2014) Completed!

The first four interns in the pilot this year, SIPA 2014, have graduated! We congratulate them on successfully completing their summer internship in CRD and NEHERBS! The SIPA 2014 project team comprising of AFNA volunteers and representatives from partner organizations, had a Skype call on May 31, 2014 with the students to award certificates and to discuss what the students got out of the experience.

The students said it was a very positive experience and will benefit them. But a lot more needs to be done to build on this first step. A detailed report of the interaction is coming soon.

NEHERBS, an outsourcing company in Guwahati, the Factory for Rickshaws run by the Centre for Rural Development (CRD) in Guwahati, Parijat Academy, Prajnalaya, and Swayam_An Approach were AFNA's partners in this successful pilot of SIPA this year. NEHERBS and the CRD Factory were where the internships were held. The students were from Parijat and Prajnalaya. Parijat provided room and board to the student from Titabor locally during the internship. We give thanks to all our partners without whose invaluable help this pilot would not have been a success.

We hope that the 4 students will use the new skills learned during the internship to make themselves more ready for the workplace. We are reviewing the learnings from this year’s pilot to identify follow up actions this year to reinforce the learning. We also plan to scale this project to include more students and organizations next year.

Learn more about AFNA's SIPA program here.