Solar Light: Power To The People

In our own lives, we take modern lighting for granted for basics like children's education (study at night), healthcare, and safety. "Solar Light: Power To The People" is a new project from Assam Foundation of North America to bring a little bit of reliable lighting to poor people in a remote region in Assam. This is the the Garbhanga forest near Pamohi outside Guwahati. Garbhanga does not have electricity from the grid and is unlikely to do so in the near future. To make a dent on this problem, AFNA met the goal of raising $4000 from 50 unique donors within 2 months in 2012!

For this, Assam Foundation of North America submitted this project proposal in March 2012 to Global Giving, a highly respected organization which attracts donors globally for humanitarian projects across the world.

After a detailed due diligence process, Global Giving accepted the proposal and set a goal to raise $4,000 from 50 unique donors by April 30, 2012 to make this project permanent on their site. Due to the hard work of many AFNA volunteers and generous contributions from many donors within and outside the Assamese community, this milestone was achieved before the deadline!

As a permanent entry on Global Giving,  "Solar Light: Power to the People" will now have sustained attention from prospective donors all over the world for many years and help us provide this much needed lighting to the people of Garbhanga.

For more information, please see the project page (on the Global Giving site).

This project was led by AFNA volunteers, Ankur Bora and Pinky Pradhan.