Site visits -  ANeC & Seneh, April-2017

AFNA Volunteer (and current Board Member & Treasurer) Sarfaraz Taher made visits to our partners Atma Nirbhar - ek Challenge (ANeC) & Seneh. Both these institutions are located in Guwahati. AFNA has a long history of partnership with ANeC who provides meaningful employment to people with special abilities. (Read more here). Seneh is a long term shelter for destitute women who are given a new life after being abandoned by their families. AFNA is also excited to start a new program named Support A Grandma with Seneh. (Read more here).

Please read the site visit reports below:


Atma Nirbhar Ek-Challenge:

I made a very brief visit to Atma Nirbhar Ek-Challenge on April 24th, 2017. It is always a pleasure to visit ANeC as I always feel welcome there. Mrs. Urmila Barua readily agreed and quickly arranged for my visit. Mr. Ashok Jha, the manager, was waiting for me and I had the pleasure of meeting him and a few of their employees. ANeC, as usual, was bustling with activity and it was great to see everybody focused on execution. Over 40 men and women are now gainfully employed at the facility. The packaging activities have expanded and more business houses have recently awarded contracts. As I was curious about the types of packaging activities that were going on and the daily output of the facility, a young gentleman, whose name I cannot recall, very eagerly provided me with all the details. I also had the pleasure of seeing their recently renovated kitchen, done with generous contributions from Barada-da and Kumkum-Baideo of Austin, TX. While chatting with Mr. Jha at the ANeC courtyard, a few school students from a nearby elementary school stopped by to drink and fill their water bottles with the cold water on a hot day from the water fountain at ANeC. This was symbolic of the kind, giving and the helpful workplace that ANeC has created. This was my second visit in 3 years and I continue to remain impressed with the excellent work that is going on at the facility. Here are some pictures from my trip -

Seneh (Bhabada Devi Memorial Trust):

On April 24th, 2017, I paid a visit to the Seneh facility in Kahilipara, Guwahati. The facility is nested in the foothills of Narakasur and is very neatly kept. Group Capt. AC Barua was very gracious in arranging a meeting at the Seneh facility at short notice, although he was out of town. I had a very informative meeting with Mr. Paresh Dev-Choudhury, Dr. N. Rabha, Mrs. Purabi Kakati, Mrs. Sangita Dutta and Ms. Bijoya who familiarized and gave me a tour of the facility. The care that has been taken to keep the facility in good shape was very evident. The facility has a capacity of 20 and currently 18 ladies are resident. One of them is in a hospital undergoing medical care. The ladies cook their own food and engage is various hobbies of their choice e.g. knitting, stitching, sewing, painting, poetry writing and other creative activities. I had the pleasure of being a part of a poetry recitation from one of the talented ladies. The hobby center had the collection of their creations. As I am told, the facility receives donations in kind from various sources, but the medical expenses of the elderly ladies are a major strain in their budget. Even under those constraints, it appeared to me that the Seneh management has done an excellent job in creating a very homely atmosphere which is undoubtedly very beneficial to the distressed ladies. It was a humbling experience to be in the midst of such a facility and my hats off to the Trust management for such yeoman service. Here are some pictures from my trip -