Art of Giving

Support a Child is a flagship program of Assam Foundation of North America ( AFNA) for contributing to the underprivileged students in Assam. So often when you give away to a charitable cause, you have no way of knowing who you are actually helping. In this unique experience, you not only get to know who, but you have the privilege of getting to know the child one-on-one. This is a wonderful experience and many times it brings joy and satisfaction to both the families. This is also an interactive process, where your own children get to participate in another child’s life and henceforth learn to count their own blessings and fill their young lives with love and gratitude.

Guwahati Run & Walk – an event for a cause

By Ankur Bora

AFNA is proud to be associated with The Guwahati Run & Walk , a unique event to raise awareness about a few remarkable persons and their organizational work. The event was organized on 1st January to spread a message of hope, inspiration and faith for the year 2012.


Co-authored by Wahid Saleh , Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awardee & Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau, (Ridder in de Orde vanOranje-Nassau)  and by Ankur Bora

The article is about AFNA volunteers Ankur Bora , Pallav Saikia and Chandan Talukdar who were instrumental in arranging scholarships to a few meritorious students  through Foundation for Excellence (FFE).  The article also highlights the association of Krishanu Kaushik of Detroit, Michigan, USA with North South Foundation ( NSF).

SHED and Lanu A Aimol

AFNA has been supporting Society for Health and Educational Development. The following is a profile of founder Mr. Lanu Aimol  by Ms. Nazneen Hussain

For most of us, dealing with anyone who is characterised as physically or mentally challenged represents a daunting task. A task that few of us would venture to address and contribute towards making life a little more easier for those who are less