Support A Child Project Update

November 2010

Update from Parijat Academy, Pamohi: Meghalim visited Parijat and the AFNA money for Support A Child was given by her to 17 students; three students were absent.

The remaining three children's money were given on the next Monday. She  spent a few hours with the children. She talked with the teachers and staff and movitated them to teach the children with joy and creativity. The agreement paper was signed  by all  beneficiary  children in presence of Meghalim. The Terms and Conditions were signed by me and handed over to her so that she can submit to AFNA.

Update from SHED and Tapovan: The second installment of SAC scholarship is processed to 3 students from SHED . As part of Supported child program AFNA awarded remaining 6 students from Tapovan for the year 2010. The initial package to Tapovan was released to support 5 student in April 2010 during Arindam's visit.

June 2010

Update from Atma Nirbhar: AFNA Support a Child scholarship distribution ceremony was held in Atma Nirbhar, Guwahati. Mr Kaushik Das, Mr Ajit Saikia, valued local AFNA volunteers along with awarded students and their parents have participated in the scholarship distribution ceremony. Ms Donna Chowdhury, a AFNA member/donor from San Diego CA, has distributed the scholarship amount to four Atma Nirbhar students Marjina , Madol , Kaushik and Dhanjit.

Update from Prajnalaya, Titabor: AFNA has identified 11 children from Prajnalaya under support a child program. S-A-C scholarship package has been released to Prajnalaya on the month of May 2010 to support all the 11 child for the year 2010. Mr Kaushik Das has handed over the cheque to Prabodh Basak ,the mentor of Prajnalaya along with the teacher's remuneration fund released by AFNA. Update from Tapovan, Pathsala : AFNA volunteer/ donor Mr Arindam Kataki from San Diego CA, has handed over the first installment of S-A-C scholarship amount to Tapovan in the month of April 2010. AFNA has identified 11 special child from Tapovan under the scholarship program. Kumud Kalita , the head of the institution has received the amount on behalf of Tapovan at Guwahati. The first installment of the scholarship amount is issued for 5 special kids named Biswajit, Richamani, Anamika, Kamal and Arnab.

January 2010

We are pleased to inform that Assam Foundation of North America (AFNA) has started implementing the support a child project by providing scholarship. Debojit Bora , of Detroit who was in Assam in December 2009 / January 2010 has initiated the project at Nagaon and Guwahati. We also distributed some of the scholarships during North East India International Meet (NEIIM) 2010 at Mackhowa Pragjyoti ITA & Cultural and Performing Arts. Students, parents guardians/teachers have completed the initial paperwork of our Agreement (which outlines a process for success for the students and also for AFNA to keep the project on-going). Our special thanks to Geetasree Gogoi Apte Calgary Canada. Geetasree has written a letter to Aninidita and Saurav of Sipajhar donating the scholarship in memory of her father late Podmeshar Gogoi. You can read more on this letter here.

NEIIM 2010: AFNA donated scholarship to the following students during the event.

  • Students of Sipajhar: AFNA distributed scholarships to the three meritorious students of Sipajhar area, namely Saurav, Anindita and Kushal, who have been facing problems in continuing with their higher education despite having good academic careers.
  • Parijat Academy received AFNA support Child Sponsor for twenty children of Parijat.
  • SOCIETY FOR HEALTH & EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (SHED), a Training & Rehabilitation Centre for Differently Abled Children received AFNA Support A Child Sponsor for three children.

Debojit Bora initiated scholarship for the following students.

  • Students located in Guwahati
    • Kaushik (AFNA sponsor Paban Sarma)
    • Madol & Dhanjit (AFNA sponsor Swapna Bora & Dave Chowdhury)
    • Subham (AFNA Sponsor Debojit & Bandana Bora)
  • Students located in Nagaon:
    • Dipa and Rupanti ( both sponsored by Drs.Mohan & Gigi Badhwar).

AFNA has receivied sponsorships from our donors for around 50 students and have disbursed 32 during the months of Dec'09 and Jan10. We have already identified other desrving student whom we would be disbursing the sponsorships soon. We are really thankful to our donors for helping these bright kids pursue the goals of their dreams.